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Why "Yoga You Can Do"?

Yoga has been a positive and pervasive influence in my life. I was first introduced to the power of yoga in my mid-teens. When our Tae Kwon Do school held testing, I was exposed to unfamiliar students. One of them was very centered and flexible. Before the test he went off by himself and quietly stood on his head. "He's doing yoga," someone explained to me. I remember thinking I wanted some of what he had. The headstand has always eluded me. With regular practice, however, the flexibility and centeredness have reliably increased.

I began my studies with a private yoga teacher in 1986. She encouraged me generously and shared much of herself. I practiced daily beside the Chattahoochee River. Over the years, as my practice has waxed and waned, I have observed that my life works better the more yoga I do.

When I share my passionate belief that everyone can benefit from yoga, many people respond that they "could never do yoga." This has led me to teach a very accessible and deeply effective form of yoga - Yoga You Can Do!

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Wed 4:00p at TAC in Newark

Thu 4:30p at LANPT in Elkton

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